A story of commitment …

…a journey of creative ambition.

I graduated from University of Westminster with an Upper Second Degree in Photography in 2006 and have ever since strengthened my skill set to offer a rounded service in the creative industry.

Based in London for over 20 years – only in the last 5 years it became clear that the filmmaker world could utilise my broad skill set and passions and I am following this calling with full focus. The last 7 years (with 3 years studio practice) have reinforced my identity as visual artist- and my commitments to the visual arts.

My practice in the medium of (studio) photography for 10 years, has informed my way of seeing and a sense of creating images, always with a hint of my passion for Paintings ; communicating a story and content a little beyond the surface of the image itself.

PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE : https://www.danielafleckenstein.co.uk/

With my track record in painting and a list of exhibitions showing my Art in London and abroad (see below), the creative industry and in particular filmmakers; hold my full attention and focus.

I had also the pleasure of being on big budget productions for TV & Film, as Supporting Artist spanning jobs at Warner brother, Elstree studio, Three mills…, in precarious location in and outside London- in regular intervals spanning the last 10 years. Absorbing the world in and around filmmaking, observing and developing an appetite to learn more.

This has now climaxed in my involvement and journey into the Art Department. This is where I truly belong.: Working intensely on my portfolio (completing 5 shortfilms in the last 3 years), abilities and taking various steps to progress:

I have undertaken training at FDI, Pinewood Studio to graduated in Art Direction in 2021. And am currently working as general crew, stage hand, set builder, dresser, scenic artist keeping myself nimble and on my toes.

In my training, I worked alongside Terry Ackland-Snow at Pinewood studio, who is sure to hon in on my skill set and abilities: to visualise and do the draughting for TV and Film, adequately. Realising a story world …

Sure to keep my passion for the industry alight; reaching for new horizons in the art department: I have passed my certification to draft for TV & Film in March 2020 and joined the BFDG , as affiliated member in December 2020 .

MARCH @2023


2014 – NOW – Freelancer in the creative Industry

2019 APRIL one month exhibition at the Paxton Centre , Crystal Palace

2018 JULY Exhibition with Bromley Art Society in the Glades, Bromley

2018 JUNE Flower themed Exhibition at Beckenham Place Park Mansion with the Bromley Arts Society

2017 DEC Artist (in Residence) Collective Exhibition at Beckenham Place Park Mansion

2016 OCT Artist Collective Exhibition in Conjunction with ‘Uthink Charity” in Holborn London

SUMMER 2013 ‘VEIL’  Photoexhibition  Core Gallery                                                            

2011 SEP-DEC  MAN AND LAND solo exhibition in Gallery ‘Elixier’,Queen Elisabeth Hospital, Verve Arts; Travel photography with therapeutic quality,

2011 JUN – JUL  ‘MAN AND LAND’  solo exhibition, photography and painting,’Brick Box’, Brixton Village Market                                                                                      

2011 JUN Geoff’s ‘Art exhibition’, ‘Chinese people’ painting and photography                                

2011 APR-JUN  ‘BLOOM’, Paintings at Blue mountain Cafe, East Dulwich                                                                                      

2011 16th – 31st May ‘ART PSYCHE’ Belleberry Deli,Beckenham , photographic works                                                                                                                    

2011 APR – MAY  ‘CULTURAL SNAPSHOTS’ Travelphotography, chinese series , Belleberry Deli Beckenham

2010 OCT-DEC ‘FEMINITY’, Solo photographic exhibition at Jewellery shop and Gallery ‘Silberstein’ in Berlin,                                                        

SEP 2010 – JAN 2011 ‘Friends & Founders ‘ Paintings : Urban landscapes, BiggerPicture Gallery,Crystal Palace                                                                                          

2010 OCT   Photography Exhibition, BiggerPicture gallery, China series, travel photography,                                                                         

2010 JUN/AUG ‘Green Chain Capture’,nature photography at Gallery ‘Elixier’ at Queen Elisabeth’s hospital, London                                                                           

2009 FEB/NOV   Exhibition of a series of Urban Landscape Paintings  in Bar/Gallery Space ‘New Cross Inn’, New Cross, SE LONDON                                                              

2007 AUG   PLAY-IN-A-FRAME Event and Exhibition (Photography)  Greenwich Village Market with Sanctuary Arts as part of the exhibition I conducted a short version of my workshop that I drew up at Uni.                                                       

2006 NOV Photographic Exhibition  of P.I.A.F. images  Launch of Sanctuary Arts a branch of Sanctuary records, W London became member but SA was bought up and closed end 2007 by Universal Picture                                                                         

2006 OCT   PLAY-IN-A FRAME Event in South London Gallery  Collaboration with Camberwell Trust. It was the aim of this one day event to involve homeless people and to engage them in their immediate environment.                                                                          

2006 June Graduation Show (Photography)  Exhibition in Atlantis Gallery Brick Lane, London                                                                                                       

NOV 2004/DEC 2004 Photographic Exhibition FIRST OUT Café, Gallery, Shaftesbury Ave WC LONDON,                                                                                                 

JUN 2004   Photographic Exhibition, in Hanbury Gallery, Brick Lane E1 London. End of College  year, FDA professional Photography                                                                                                                          

JAN 2004  -(1st) Photographic Exhibition Bar Gallery FREVD, Shaftesbury Ave, WC London 

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