This will be the earliest entry to make on this blog: about my longterm involvement in the costume department, wardrobe for theatre. Which saw me dressing, sourcing, fitting and putting together some variety shows. This led eventually to heading the production for this Adult Panto : “A Lad in Soho” in 2018, at the Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho, London. This was an undertaking with Simon Gross and his Company: Entertainment Provider. Designing & Building set and a huge wardrobe of Costumes & Props for this show, with an amazing little team of determined helpers.

What started on the back of an envelop and sourcing of materials and things lying around in my studio, we pushed this seemingly impossible undertaking on stage. As the show must go on and I do it for the arts.

But one of those moments and projects; where I knew and learned throughout the process: I had to reach higher – theatre or film became the question – and why ?

As colourful and quirky, a little loud and out there – simply put: OTT – this particular show was, it taught me my stamina and gave me an outlet of creativity and learning my craft.

And learning about colour palettes and their effects on stage and in light – was a lesson difficult to miss with this production. And the very first notion my perception of any production is settled with, at first instance.

And the artist in me loved playing with this particularly bright and loud coulour palette: in order to fit purpose and intention, of a vibrant and ‘lively’ show.

Although a small production, this show met a sold out house over more then a dozen nights and entertained as intended. A particular challenge for theatre and this kind of production is conjuring up some production value with a small budget and big ambitions. But we coordinated it where possible and got the show on stage.

Here a little review on the British Theatre Guide:

And you gotta dress a dame at least once in your lifetime … And use some imagination : although a “Fairy” and a peking “Duck” ( on the washing machine below) , was one of the easier props to come up with and source.

This show had quite wardrobe to co-ordinate, source, fit, dress, accessorise, amend, props to make, transport paint… Stage to built..

But at the end of the day: on the night we got there and not without blood, sweat, tears, many coffees, very long days and not without my friends and team. It’ll be alright on the night, or in the undeterred believe in filmaking: it’ll be alright on the day.

But you know why you do it and the reward is immediate and all forgiving; when people have laughed giggled and left the room in a different mood; as to when they’ve arrived.

Something which is still at the heart of all determination and investment I put into this – in getting footing in this very industry. A hallmark of success in filmaking; to trigger an emotion and personal revelation, after witnessing a show, seeing a performance , watching a movie, being transported for the duration – and beyond ?…

Well this is my very beginning on this Blog and you have probably seen my ‘worst’ and most unrefined, now. But we all have to start somewhere and this is the starting point for me, to venture and grow as an artist away from theatre into filmaking – and the world of the art department.

And as I am writing this in Spring 2020,I know I am utterly devoted to the process of filmaking and the work in the Art Department, in pre-production and on set.

It is my mission to create the vision and to see what is possible.

JUNE @2020


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