LOVE BET – costume design & still photography

Making my mind up about my preferred industry or niche, – film over theatre !? I decided , as I often do, to find out by doing – rather then hypothesising. Contemplating to leave photography behind: irony had it, that this little independent production of a #short, was looking to have some behind-the-scenes and still Photography done, as well as they were in need of someone overseeing wardrobe and costume design.

There I was in familiar territory. Yet – keen to develop and learn.

Establishing characters in line with story and message, is a well flexed muscle I use in my portraiture or other constructed photography. A parallel and patterns of my transferable skills emerge.

Still learning my way around the filmmaking world, I made use of good old trusted tools: Paper and pen and a good old moodoard; visualising what is to happen on set, in colour pallets, shades, tones, script, story and sub-text. All in order; as outlined in the scripts story-world.

Studying the script carefully, meeting the cast: we sorted the wardrobe in line with mood-board and chosen background story; this story unfolds over 3 days and significant dates, as well as some flashbacks-, the little time we had to tell the story, a lot is reflected in the costumes chosen.

Once the costume changes are aligned with shooting schedule, wardrobe transported, items ironed and positioned the (looong) production days begin.

This was a passion project for all of us, testing our skills knowledge and understanding of the wonders of teamwork in the filmaking world: that magic that happens when crew and cast come together.

Challenges came from unexpected directions – but then you kind of expect that to happen – all part of any creative process. And in the end we completed as much as we could in line with opportunity, ambition and budget. And as expected I learned a lot.

Apart from taking some still and behind the scenes shots, some on location photography for photos, to be used for the end credit. A little later, we also had a little Studio Photography Session at my studio, at Beckenham Place Park Mansion.

Throughout the studio shoot we played through some options and settled eventually with a selection to be used for promotional purposes, the title page or Poster, should you wish.

All cut and finsihed this littel creation can now be viewed on amazon as part for the prime membership.

Here is the trailer:

Well we all have to start somewhere and this somewhat affirmed my love affair with film- making – I bet you, I have still a lot to learn.

But it is clear: I do want a role in this, – the art department, creating images and stories as part of a team.

…stay tuned this love affair is not over yet.

a little still I took on set – with a very talented young actress, Tatyana Tarassenko

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