“JANUS” #productiondesign #setdec #costume #propdressing #artdepartment

Now that this short film has done its rounds, including the Raindance festival- screening in a cinema end of last year; I am ready to share some of the making of the making off. This one started with an ambition, a metaphor and a sense of human experience – most abstract, but yet understood betweenContinue reading ““JANUS” #productiondesign #setdec #costume #propdressing #artdepartment”

‘Smoking kills’ #neorealist #darkcomedy #productiondesign #setdec #artdirectstandby

Now over a year ago, that this one came to be: and I have some time on desk to give some insight into the making of : ‘the making of ‘ , in filmmaking. It became clear early on, that flavours of the envisioned story world – and my appetite for sharing a vision wasContinue reading “‘Smoking kills’ #neorealist #darkcomedy #productiondesign #setdec #artdirectstandby”

‘Beyond the Fuchsia’ -production design: #setdec #setbuild #propbuying #graphics #wardrobe #standby

Just when you thought nothing could happen in the year of 2020 – it did and with time on hand my art-department had what it needed to flourish and trying to make the impossible possible. Independent small budget challenges would be enough but when pre-production begun we were still in lockdown. So the online ebayContinue reading “‘Beyond the Fuchsia’ -production design: #setdec #setbuild #propbuying #graphics #wardrobe #standby”

PILLOW TALK (E.1) – production design

Well the end of 2019 approached, a few more experiences on set as supporting artist wardrobe mistress, stage hand… contacts have been made and I was eventually approached with the opportunity to take on production design for this webseries : Pillow talk. Upon arrival of the script, I was somewhat hesitant – but the manner,Continue reading “PILLOW TALK (E.1) – production design”

LOVE BET – costume design & still photography

Making my mind up about my preferred industry or niche, – film over theatre !? I decided , as I often do, to find out by doing – rather then hypothesising. Contemplating to leave photography behind: irony had it, that this little independent production of a #short, was looking to have some behind-the-scenes and stillContinue reading “LOVE BET – costume design & still photography”