PILLOW TALK (E.1) – production design

Well the end of 2019 approached, a few more experiences on set as supporting artist wardrobe mistress, stage hand… contacts have been made and I was eventually approached with the opportunity to take on production design for this webseries : Pillow talk.

Upon arrival of the script, I was somewhat hesitant – but the manner, background, ambition and approach of this team convinced me, that I can join the mission. Bite size sessions that will stretch over the next few months to come. Communicating and translating what is contemporary – into convincing make believe.

To turn this into something visual and conveying the message appropriately, realising a funny yet delicate script: was going to be an interesting challenge to embrace. As I was offered full reign and collaboration of the art department, a plain canvas and a good workflow with very talented filmmakers- my commitment was sealed.

I started the usual machine of the process with researching the colour palette and to the point: it was millennial pink that was to be considered for this Episode and story world. Dealing with millennial dating experiences, in a blatantly honest yet light and happy way.

We got off to a good start.

Surveilling the Location for the first Episode and meeting the rest of the team, reinforced my confidence in this production. And exciting to have a plain canvas to start with. So for me it was all about creating the story world as envisioned – infusing the colour pallet agreed on.

Talking of plain canvas, I had an unfinished canvas/painting hanging in the studio; that just fit the bill. Now sourcing the props and getting them within budget and time delivered to the location. Getting into the character and little quirks to convey the message and story.

Graphics and font became another area of interest ( and minefield) for this production. We will play around with this notion in every Episode, stay tuned for another location and character, filmed just before lockdown.

But here is Location 1, Episode 1, Stella’s bedroom:

Once the scene was set it was over to the camera crew and actors ( and some of my T-shirts) to bring the story alive. And that they did.

Challenged by location and ambitions , the team got together and did it justice, can’t quite put into words how rewarding it is to witness: when things come together.

bedroom of *Stella* lead character – ‘millennial’ in London – 3 month into the experience of relocating to the city

And that they did.

little screen grab from Episode 1

And yet again, I was not gonna let that set go without adding the final touch; in this instance it had to be a polaroid. As originally dreamed up in our productions meeting, (gotta deliver to the directors vision), we made the machinery just about work. Luckily enough my old vintage polaroid camera: spat the print out – just in time for when the camera started rolling.

And here a little video – teaser and further insight into the web-series… and stay tuned this is the story of modern break up in 7 parts.

As much as filmmaking is about make believe and creating an illusion, it is the truthful content and honest dealings with all humanly conceivable. The further I venture into the art department and develop my craft of creating a story world: It becomes clear the story world is not all that fictive; but sits some where nestled, in-between the reality as we know it and human experience itself.

Stay tuned this journey and story is not over yet.

JUNE @2020


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