With my lease for a little photography studio and embracing the role as artist in residence at Beckenham Place Mansion, I absorbed every opportunity to create and to support realisation of anyones mission, of making the vision possible.

Well almost everyone. And getting some hours with a crewing company: inspired me to swing my combi drill as a paint brush and work with a 3 dimensional place and space. Creating decor and setting the scene for some Parties at the very mansion, that also housed my studio and office space (on the first floor).

The groundfloor of this Georgian style mansion was to be turned into a party pad for the night, organised by the basement record shop owner ( @cigarette_records).

And with my well oiled approached, we soon had our meetings, sketches on paper, themes and direction settled, tape measure out and space surveilled and discussed. Teamed up on research and sourced the most budget friendly and realistic options.

And then there was the install …and thanks to some amazing friends and helpers ( yet again) I dared the ladder and very heigh ceilings ( over 14 ft) . Handling drapes is not such a strange thing to me, but as always – not so easy as it looks when it is done. (And to reverse the efforts after the party -after a 20 hours day – that ladder seemed a lot longer)

Well that was the first out of the two dance floors, atrium and staircase needed some sprinkling of decor magic, too. And the party was only a few moments aways.

There was the second Dancefloor: The jungle room.

But thought out design for the jungle room, made it possible to quickly assemble and install, my living wall creations. Some loaned palm trees and handpainted banners.

And again, briefing and pulling collaborators on board wherever I could; we got some banners painted ( and another few trips up that ladder) to set the scene for Dancefloor two.

Thank you Marina , yet again – you have been a trouper to make things happen and realising a vision. And your banner creations will be appreciated for quite some time to come:

Filling such a big empty space as the Mansion with a shoestring budget wasn’t an easy task, but with a little faith we got there. Some records hang on a string (after sifting through, making sure I would not want to listen to them) the staircase became more of a feature and space filled: to pad out the party atmosphere.

A few other things in place and the atmosphere was there, to set the scene for over 300 people to enjoy and relax into. What could feel like a very formal and big daunting space, became a cosy space, to come together and to be visually invited to an experience of sound and togetherness.

Perhaps this is the least filmmaking related activity and blog post. The camera does not quite do the atmosphere justice and what it felt like to be there : yet my principle of pulling resources and ideas together, applying myself practically as well as putting order to thought and planning, remains the same … all on mission: to see what is possible, and supporting people in realising their vision.

Well and I got to realise my own personal desire to make a living wall, that was put to good use, and will be: for many months/years to come.

JUNE @2020


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