BPP Mansion – technical drawing

With lockdown cutting my training at FDI, Pinewood Studio – short by a few days; I embraced the opportunity to practice my drawings. As there seems to be no short cut for improving the skill & ability – other then putting pencil to paper and actually doing it. I turned my attention, to the very building that homed my photography & artist studio for 3 years.

Beckenham Place Park Mansion, that I know all too well. A georgian building in my local hood, that I call home for the last 16 years. Having had the opportunity to take up residency in this abandoned building, (as the first artist and holding a lease for this work space) spending 3 years building business, portfolio and freelance ambitions as studio photographer and artist in residency – I was surprised how much more I discovered remotely from my drawing board.

Despite having walked through that door many of times, having dressed the groundfloor for parties;


… discovering the space on paper from home – was yet another adventure and discovery of a different kind.

Being reminded of the difference of looking and seeing: surveilling the very location I thought I knew all so well;

…through my new discovered technical drawing eyes, my mind got quite a different work out all together.

As so brilliantly mentored by Terry Ackland-Snow, I found muse and motivation to explore the space remotely from my home. Fascinated by such old school tools, such as pencil and paper: the doors to my inner mind of imagination swung wide open.

The possibility of remote location surveillance drawing what the camera can see, excited my artists heart and intrigued my photographers mind.

Drawing a picture of what the camera can see, technically and accurately – remotely, seemed still such a foreign concept.

With a foot print and some photos, my journey into the imagination begun, reinforced by lockdown, putting to paper what I had learned.

( I will go into the layers of technical methods of CAMERA PROJECTIONS in another entry)

I followed the technique of camera projections, ( double checking with my inner eye, that I trained all so well in recent years) I find it hard to put into words how amazing it seems: every time the image emerges on paper – and even more so in my mind.

The strange time of lockdown we are going through this year of 2020; taught me to remember what is possible to achieve from home: moving forward whilst standing still- getting a framed new perspective, without a camera and without visiting the location itself.

The possibility, understanding and appreciation for what happens in the art-department for TV & Film, is mind boggling and a fascination I happily dedicate the rest of my days to.

And who would have thought I would rediscover the space in my head and on paper, which I had sat in: contemplating my development and direction as artist and photographer, this summer 3 years ago.

A journey that still keeps on giving, that started with a room full of fellow artists and continues in my imagination and teaching me the possibilities of perspective and ways of seeing.

This journey is not over yet.

The first collective of artists in residence at Beckenham Place Park, summer 2017

June @2020


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