‘Redemption’ – bible drawing & moodboards

Earlier this year in April, I got in touch with some acquaintances and friends trying to bridge the sense of isolation and taking time to catch up and talk. Nurturing my network and hunger to learn and do- all filmmaking.

So I got in touch with Dave Mac; a sunny soul and full of inspiration and some shared understanding- and most of all a brilliant writer. I had read a couple of his scripts and we talked about, one of his dramas : I knew he had a table read for: – ‘Redemption’-.


You see here the conclusion I came – to after our chat, putting pen to paper – with time on hand – pulling some key scenes into the visual plane, that his drama is unfolding in. In my production design head, I played with colour pallets: all so palatable and widely used for good female lead crime dramas. One of my favourite genres for (almost) every day consumption.

Imagining the story world and all its textures, shapes and colours; is of great interest to me and good fun. With my imagination fired up, I am looking for contrasts in the story and this surely can be found in this script. From modern ‘oldy wordly’, to the lofty hights of London modern contemporary Offices, in glass and steel, down to good old brick & mortar, cobbled streets and other iconic London locations and references. Not without a nod to this cities underground.

It is the production designs joy, the art-departments job, to help the story world emerging: nestling in between the reality -as we know and understand it- and human experience itself. Not so far fetched, or is it !? Well we want to believe it for the duration of screen entertainments.

With my love affair to London, a lockdown in place – I all so willingly pondered over photos and drawings – a trip down memory lane and why and what I love so much about London and it’s changing culture.

With that sentiment in mind, exercising my imagination muscel, compiling; what is referred to as the Bible for production designer and writers. I completed the drawing in time to send along Dave Macs work, to some major producers, with the potential to be picked up for a Netflix production- in the US.

Apparently my Drawings were very appreciated and well received.

Only helping me to celebrate the simplicity and effectiveness of led on paper over a bombardment of images…let the mind do the rest right!? Scribbled in solitude and in isolation reaching over the big pond.

Either way, it is great fun to support the process of making ideas and visions visible… the joy of filmmaking.

Stay tuned this story isn’t over yet



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