“JANUS” #productiondesign #setdec #costume #propdressing #artdepartment

Now that this short film has done its rounds, including the Raindance festival- screening in a cinema end of last year; I am ready to share some of the making of the making off. This one started with an ambition, a metaphor and a sense of human experience – most abstract, but yet understood betweenContinue reading ““JANUS” #productiondesign #setdec #costume #propdressing #artdepartment”


‘Smoking kills’ #neorealist #darkcomedy #productiondesign #setdec #artdirectstandby

Now over a year ago, that this one came to be: and I have some time on desk to give some insight into the making of : ‘the making of ‘ , in filmmaking. It became clear early on, that flavours of the envisioned story world – and my appetite for sharing a vision wasContinue reading “‘Smoking kills’ #neorealist #darkcomedy #productiondesign #setdec #artdirectstandby”

‘Beyond the Fuchsia’ -production design: #setdec #setbuild #propbuying #graphics #wardrobe #standby

Just when you thought nothing could happen in the year of 2020 – it did and with time on hand my art-department had what it needed to flourish and trying to make the impossible possible. Independent small budget challenges would be enough but when pre-production begun we were still in lockdown. So the online ebayContinue reading “‘Beyond the Fuchsia’ -production design: #setdec #setbuild #propbuying #graphics #wardrobe #standby”

exploring filmmaking with NFTS summer 2020

Well I am sure we all know what happened this summer – but hey no opportunity lost to further my knowledge and understanding of filmmaking. Time spend online with various workshops, seminar and courses. I thought it’s about time to share here and now some silly clips – as the enthusiasm and learning has helpedContinue reading “exploring filmmaking with NFTS summer 2020”

Pillow Talk – Art Dep Assist, Set Dec

I am delighted to not just pick up the planning – but finally some actual ‘doing’- on set: next week! With a carefully, health and safety guide-lined, cast reduced and planned out production, for the 3rd Episodes of this web-series. So I take this opportunity to share what was the last production, before this lockdownContinue reading “Pillow Talk – Art Dep Assist, Set Dec”

BPP Mansion – technical drawing

With lockdown cutting my training at FDI, Pinewood Studio – short by a few days; I embraced the opportunity to practice my drawings. As there seems to be no short cut for improving the skill & ability – other then putting pencil to paper and actually doing it. I turned my attention, to the veryContinue reading “BPP Mansion – technical drawing”

‘Redemption’ – bible drawing & moodboards

Earlier this year in April, I got in touch with some acquaintances and friends trying to bridge the sense of isolation and taking time to catch up and talk. Nurturing my network and hunger to learn and do- all filmmaking. So I got in touch with Dave Mac; a sunny soul and full of inspirationContinue reading “‘Redemption’ – bible drawing & moodboards”

short-film ‘HANDY’ – art direction

Well with the sudden turn of events this year and with lockdown in place, I was not going to be deterred from executing my passion and new avenues had to be considered. Keeping in touch with fellow filmmakers and time for lengthier discussions; this little short film came into existence. My first and hopefully lastContinue reading “short-film ‘HANDY’ – art direction”

back to school – licence to draft

Well it always has been a conundrum for me, should you learn by doing or sitting in the class room. What is there to know -that I haven’t seen or experienced, in life and after years on film sets, in different capacities. Or what do I need to learn, to get to the roles andContinue reading “back to school – licence to draft”

CHAR (music video) – set built, art assist

With a few work commitments to juggle – I still could not say ‘no’ to support this pop video production but had to reign my invovment and ambitions in. Offering myself as art department assist, drawing up the set build and support it on the day, making good use of my powertools. The mission wasContinue reading “CHAR (music video) – set built, art assist”