‘Redemption’ – bible drawing & moodboards

Earlier this year in April, I got in touch with some acquaintances and friends trying to bridge the sense of isolation and taking time to catch up and talk. Nurturing my network and hunger to learn and do- all filmmaking. So I got in touch with Dave Mac; a sunny soul and full of inspirationContinue reading “‘Redemption’ – bible drawing & moodboards”

short-film ‘HANDY’ – art direction

Well with the sudden turn of events this year and with lockdown in place, I was not going to be deterred from executing my passion and new avenues had to be considered. Keeping in touch with fellow filmmakers and time for lengthier discussions; this little short film came into existence. My first and hopefully lastContinue reading “short-film ‘HANDY’ – art direction”

back to school – licence to draft

Well it always has been a conundrum for me, should you learn by doing or sitting in the class room. What is there to know -that I haven’t seen or experienced, in life and after years on film sets, in different capacities. Or what do I need to learn, to get to the roles andContinue reading “back to school – licence to draft”

CHAR (music video) – set built, art assist

With a few work commitments to juggle – I still could not say ‘no’ to support this pop video production but had to reign my invovment and ambitions in. Offering myself as art department assist, drawing up the set build and support it on the day, making good use of my powertools. The mission wasContinue reading “CHAR (music video) – set built, art assist”

PILLOW TALK (E.1) – production design

Well the end of 2019 approached, a few more experiences on set as supporting artist wardrobe mistress, stage hand… contacts have been made and I was eventually approached with the opportunity to take on production design for this webseries : Pillow talk. Upon arrival of the script, I was somewhat hesitant – but the manner,Continue reading “PILLOW TALK (E.1) – production design”


With my lease for a little photography studio and embracing the role as artist in residence at Beckenham Place Mansion, I absorbed every opportunity to create and to support realisation of anyones mission, of making the vision possible. https://www.beckenhamplace.org/blog/2018/08/20/artist-profile-daniela-fleckenstein/ Well almost everyone. And getting some hours with a crewing company: inspired me to swing myContinue reading “PARTY AT THE MANSION – set dec”

R.A.W.M. – Art Dep Assist

Having worked with Priscilla on the previously mentioned short film, she mentioned the need for assistance on another shortfilm (also currently in post-production with high degree of digital SFX added) . Juggling other work commitments I agreed to assist and come out on a particularly challenging night-shoot. However, my attention spiked when the flash backContinue reading “R.A.W.M. – Art Dep Assist”

THE WRIT – props and set dec

Through a friend of a friend I met on set, I eventually ended up in the Art Department for this short film. Originally assigned to prop making, I was briefed with making the hero props for this fantasy inspired short film. Which is currently still in post-production (June 2020). The hero of this story isContinue reading “THE WRIT – props and set dec”

CONNECTION CREW- crew behind the scenes – for theatre and film (&events)

In my bid to have the appropriate skill set and stamina to make it in the filmmaking world, as well as a little income: by being more hands on and navigating through a 3-dimensional world; rather then screen-based digital work: I looked around for crewing work and very quickly came a cross this company http://connectioncrew.co.uk/our-work/Continue reading “CONNECTION CREW- crew behind the scenes – for theatre and film (&events)”

PYGMALION – Costume Design

I had the pleasure of working on a tower theatre production with Costume Designer Irena Pancer, as her assistant early in 2019. With the wonderful wardrobe available at the Tower Theatre, an interesting period found in this classic script : Pygmalion ( Bernard Shaw), an ambitious female director (… ) with the vision to infuseContinue reading “PYGMALION – Costume Design”