Pillow Talk – Art Dep Assist, Set Dec

I am delighted to not just pick up the planning – but finally some actual ‘doing’- on set: next week! With a carefully, health and safety guide-lined, cast reduced and planned out production, for the 3rd Episodes of this web-series.

So I take this opportunity to share what was the last production, before this lockdown came into place …and the first to get the creative engines going.

A different location and a different character all together to indulge in ( different font and pillow created), and for once it was the brief to make it look: … bad !? Well, old and worn and grimy and jaded, the bachelor type… excellent challenge for the art department! So we got stuck in with-the old tea-spray to create the make-believe as hygienic as possible, for our cast.

And as for the props: once the script breakdown was in place, budget and availability checked and deviations from script agreed. I had my trusted resources to just get the right items to set the mood and little helpers to do the same and support the process..

Filmmaking is a social act right!? Especially in the independent arena: the resources are often surprising – pulling things and people together is the oil in this machine. You’ll never know when & where you gonna find that item that you need – but trust you will.

Layout plan set, furniture shuffled around (it is a bachelors bedroom after all)… it was just the fine tuning of placing the right objects in the right place and to make sure the action props get their rightful stage. Ready for the actors to bring the space to-life and for the story to unfold.

Once the set was in placed it is amazing to see the other departments moving in adding there contribution in this process of filmmaking. With an organisation that pays attention to what is happening on screen and behind the scenes. A conscious of sustainability and seeing beyond the pictures themselves. #goteam


Plan in hand: I am looking forward to be stepping back on set, forward in time, all sketched out whilst standing still. Socially distant and ready to get the next episode in the bag – filmmakers joy.


Published by danielafleckenstein

Using my creativity as Life Coach to encourage people to move forward in their lives. I also work as Editorial and Art Photographer creating the image you only dreamed of, supporting you throughout the whole process from conception to creation. Find the information you seek about me on http://about.me/danielafleckenstein

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