exploring filmmaking with NFTS summer 2020

Well I am sure we all know what happened this summer – but hey no opportunity lost to further my knowledge and understanding of filmmaking. Time spend online with various workshops, seminar and courses. I thought it’s about time to share here and now some silly clips – as the enthusiasm and learning has helped me- to stay afloat and all warmed up to get onto set for two short films shortly thereafter, later this summer gone.

( I will share those two whirlwinds of production sometime soon too)

And there is no better way to channel ones experience then into creative ways …and who would have thought what you can do, even when on your own, with a tripod and time on hand…


I also went on my lonesome on my daily walks – and what better opportunity then that to observe  some light and mood. Here is one little clip:

But that was just the very beginning with this 6 week course. Covering the basis of coming up with story, drawing story boards planning a scene, knowing about light and mood: it was the sound challenge next and I took the chance to explore just that, on a trip to the sea-side with not more then my phone in hand. well and some more clips…

With a handle on story (story boards), light, mood, sound: it was to my great astonishment how much yet subtle can be changed in the editing room. And even when working to script the nuances of story telling – beyond words, sequence of frames … triggers a different substory all together!?!? I certainly found (although aware) a new appreciation for postproduction. (yeah alright I am usually far away from that in my pre-production and on set bubble). 😉

NFTS has been great to give clips and soundtracks to go through the experience ourselves, to truly understand … here is my edit:

And just when I thought that was challenging enough- we were given this animation as an exercise, sourcing our own sounds and doing the edit – just to highlight yet again: how much storytelling indeed happens outside the dialogue itself. 

A big fat thank you to NFTS and this explorations from the safety of my home – you guys made it time well spend … and made this summer a better one.

But gosh was I ready to get on set with the team …after some weeks of preparation for my next proper indie short to art direct, ( period drama) … skeleton crew but yet a team … phewwww … end of Lockdown 1.0 … and from there on in: the new normal seems like the old normal, back in my bubble.

…to be continued 😉 – and certainly not the end …


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