R.A.W.M. – Art Dep Assist

Having worked with Priscilla on the previously mentioned short film, she mentioned the need for assistance on another shortfilm (also currently in post-production with high degree of digital SFX added) . Juggling other work commitments I agreed to assist and come out on a particularly challenging night-shoot.

However, my attention spiked when the flash back to the 80’s was mentioned. So much fun to dress; and the time spend on markets and online, sourcing props, rediscovering scratch and sniff stickers… I am all there.

It was yet again the aging of some props, finding the right font etc, to tell the story convincingly- and oh boy what nostalgia hit me putting this one together. 1988 …

Well that’ll be another blog on all that happened in 1988, significant year for us creatives. But the polaroid and good old walkman was a must.

Well back to the story about the story in this filmmaking adventure. LOL . My biggest involvement on the day, outside the production meetings and preps, was to lend a helping hand on set and to be on hand when a props didn’t work, needed adjusting, placing. Or when the generator needed to be lifted a little further, setting the scenes, gathering leaves, holding a torch (literally!) etc … you never know (sometimes) what comes next.

Well there is the script and jumping through time and happenings in the effort of creating the story world, just becomes second nature. And one thing is for sure, after day comes night ( with keen eyes on the shooting schedule- hard to switch that big light in the sky back on).

A moment of remembering the past – paving the way of what was to happen next – in this world and the story world. And one of those little make believe challenges for the art department – I love so much.

The story world and it’s timeline…

still of the film currently still in post production ( June 2020)

A flashback to the 80’s – exploring and representing period convincingly is one of my favourite challenges and adventures in the art department.

flashback 80’s

And the night came for sure- another time on location and in the script.

still from the shortfilm

I would love to share some of the more exciting sneaks behind the scenes – but I best wait until the short-film is released, to not give away too much , of the stunning costumes and story twists…

… Be sure I will blog about the release.

As always, I love the team effort and coming together of so many talented people, on the same page with the same mission: to give it their all and best.

It’s been an amazing weekend full of adventures and making things happen, for this particular location shoot . Can’t wait to see – the fruits it yields …

… the process from script – through the camera – to on screen ,

will never cease to amaze me…

JUNE @2020

still from the short

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