CHAR (music video) – set built, art assist

With a few work commitments to juggle – I still could not say ‘no’ to support this pop video production but had to reign my invovment and ambitions in. Offering myself as art department assist, drawing up the set build and support it on the day, making good use of my powertools.

The mission was clear; I did like the song and with a great crew, talents, team & location – giving it their best: I wanted to see what visual fruits this (almost completely female) team would produce.

And as always everything started with a sketch – in rushed and then unrefined ways, but all the same the right tool to communicate and to get things moving. This awesome, sourced the right location to realise the treatment and storyboard.

And as always the process from led on paper to the actual built, is exciting and has my full attention. And yes you can see how happy I am, getting my power tools out (well and needle and thread).

And I am pleased to share that prep, calculations and communications worked out just fine. The plan did its thing with an awesome crew having a gentle eye on timing and space.

Everything in place, I was surprised how well the most simplest of things work – but understanding some things about space and form; the square gotta be a very exciting shape to work with, tantalising perception and imagination.

All in one studio space and a long shot list – shot in only one day ( you wouldn’t know it watching the video) , things worked out like clock work and who would have thought that my needle skills came into action, too.

The day was a testimony to precise planning and bringing everyone on the same page, not without a smile and amazing home cooked lunch.

My favourite part (well one of them) must have been setting the scene for the floral top shot, and making use all these things I had stored away waiting for the day of light ( and camera). Quite impromptu and a little hurried working against time, but my mind was with a flaming June ( love them Raphaelites) and back to a 2 dimensional plane- as found in paintings.

More of that please.

Well we got through the day with all the shots in the bag, there may be plenty of improvements and developments to be had and my favouritism to practical over digital effects was highlighted too.

But – it was a testimony to great organisations and an awesome team, producing what we did in a day, working together as we did..

Well judge for yourself.

JUNE @2020


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