PYGMALION – Costume Design

I had the pleasure of working on a tower theatre production with Costume Designer Irena Pancer, as her assistant early in 2019. With the wonderful wardrobe available at the Tower Theatre, an interesting period found in this classic script : Pygmalion ( Bernard Shaw), an ambitious female director (… ) with the vision to infuse some steampunk into the story and make the impression of ‘My fair Lady’ a little more contemporary and relevant, it had my attention. Working with such inspiring people has driven me to learn and thrive.

But it also became the last project in theatre, for now. As I knew that film making is my world and holds my true calling. Utilising my passion to make and do and help; to realise and to make happen – what was only thought of before. The process of creativity and bringing into existence, what is closest to the original vision.

I was mostly assigned to the Millinery/ Hat Designs, as well as some general fittings and admininstration and research to support the production.

With this particular story, the contrast of poor and rich, affluent and broken: and the journey of such development, from rags to riches- is a strong focus in this play. It was a pleasure to create and express this journey in a physical world on stage.

Painting an old straw hat crudely black and stitching the brim in a battered way ( to allow for the theatre lighting to illuminate her face) the story began.

Photos I took of the performance.

And as with any project there is a decent amount of research involved, which is probably the most important part and can be the making or breaking of any project.

With such a story and journey to keep in mind, a little dive into history, sketching out ideas are a pleasure and all so very educational. You always learn and discover something new.

However for this one I needed to come up with some headpiece designs for the ball room scene and a very long list of props and costumes items to add to. Knowing the scene and images – holding the vision is probably a quite important part to this process.

exploring the Edwardian period, researching headpiece designs for the ballroom scene

With limited time and budget we absorbed the sense and flair and infused it into an array of headpieces ans costumes. With lengthy fitting sessions and a very patient cast, we got there in the end.

And what a story to tell, it will never loose it’s sense of relevance and much needed inspiration. Glad we could bring this story to life for a few nights – with a new contemporary touch.

All photos of the performance are taken by me

JUNE @2020


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