THE WRIT – props and set dec

Through a friend of a friend I met on set, I eventually ended up in the Art Department for this short film. Originally assigned to prop making, I was briefed with making the hero props for this fantasy inspired short film. Which is currently still in post-production (June 2020). The hero of this story isContinue reading “THE WRIT – props and set dec”

CONNECTION CREW- stage hand, crew

In my bid to have the appropriate skill set and stamina to make it in the filmmaking world, as well as a little income: by being more hands on and navigating through a 3-dimensional world; rather then screen-based digital work: I looked around for crewing work and very quickly came a cross this company reading “CONNECTION CREW- stage hand, crew”

PYGMALION – Costume Design

I had the pleasure of working on a tower theatre production with Costume Designer Irena Pancer, as her assistant early in 2019. With the wonderful wardrobe available at the Tower Theatre, an interesting period found in this classic script : Pygmalion ( Bernard Shaw), an ambitious female director (… ) with the vision to infuseContinue reading “PYGMALION – Costume Design”

LOVE BET – costume design & still photography

Making my mind up about my preferred industry or niche, – film over theatre !? I decided , as I often do, to find out by doing – rather then hypothesising. Contemplating to leave photography behind: irony had it, that this little independent production of a #short, was looking to have some behind-the-scenes and stillContinue reading “LOVE BET – costume design & still photography”